This is not a political piece. It’s not my intention to discuss ideology and political philosophy. Nor is it my purpose to argue for either government’s view. The motivation of this article is only to provide an authentic cultural and societal perspective of the story.

As a former global macro…

Skyline of Beijing in Jan 2021, the coldest winter in the past 2 decades

Our 1st episode of Meho China Podcast in 2021! Listen on Apple / Spotify / SoundCloud.

Chuhan and I discussed our trip to China during COVID-19. Definitely a crazy time to travel!

Travel preparation was unpredictable. Being stuck in a quarantine hotel in Shanghai was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And the “back-to-normal” life in Beijing/Shanghai was unreal!

On Oct 8, card-issuing API platform startup Marqeta announced a financial investment and extended global partnership with MasterCard to “expand into new geographies, open access to new products,” according to a joint press release.

Who is Marqeta?

Founded in 2010, Marqeta has built out an API-based platform to power card-issuing and other financial…

Hi, there! Welcome to the first preview of Meho (means “very good” in Shanghainese)! We are very excited to introduce this fun and useful new way to understand and communicate with China.

Thanks for joining our private beta test! As this is still beta, we’ll frequently update the app. So…

In this episode, Chuhan and I discussed TikTok’s recent hiring of Kevin Mayer from Disney and its global expansion strategy. It led us to talk about the content creation and storytelling of the Chinese entertainment industry, as TikTok is not only a social media platform but also a content creation network.

Enjoy listening via the links below on the Apple podcast and Spotify podcast.

Charlie Liu

VP of Operations & Strategy @ln_strike | ex-Adyen & Templeton Global Macro | Storyteller @wearemeho | Sommelier/Winemaker @996makers

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