Launching Meho (Private Beta)

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Hi folks, some of you know that I am also working on Meho — means “very good” in Shanghainese — a mobile app to help you understand and communicate with China like never before! We provide thoughtfully-designed, approachable & efficient Chinese learning (powered by real-time speech assessment), and curated authentic content to build cultural & business context.

We are launching our private beta release in two weeks on Aug 26, and I have reserved some spots for the Medium community. Please reply to this article or sign up on if you are interested in joining the beta program — no prior knowledge in Chinese required, as our product is very beginner-friendly. You’ll get full access to our product for free during the testing period, and we will frequently check in with you for feedback through email updates and surveys.

The world is filled with too much noise around China, and we are here to help you contextualize China and equip you with basic hands-on Chinese skills, so you won’t miss out on the opportunities brought by the development and growth of China.

If you know anyone else who could be a good fit for Meho, please pass along this message and our website for them to sign up for beta access! Thank you.

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