Meho China Podcast — Ep.2 — Let’s unite and help each other fight against COVID-19 / Coronavirus 团结互助

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In this new episode of the Meho China Podcast, we talked about some of the following topics:

  • The global adoption of lockdown during COVID-19, which was thought as too draconian.
  • The fact that even the young and healthy people are still at risk of being hit by COVID-19.
  • The misunderstanding of wearing facemasks.
  • The ridicule of Donal Trump calling COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus” and other ignorant comments on social media.
  • The economic root of the prevalent (but misplaced) Sinophobia in the US.
  • How experienced physicians from China can help the world fight against COVID-19, which is what China (government & private sector) is doing.
  • The Chinese phrase about being united and helping each other: 团结互助

You can find the new episode on Apple Podcast and Spotify through the following links:

You can also find it on Google Podcast.

Global Fintech Founder & Investor | ex-Adyen, ex-Franklin Templeton

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